8th March: Second Sunday of Lent (PDF)

1st March: First Sunday of Lent (PDF)

23rd February: Seventh Sunday of the Year (PDF)

16th February: Sixth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

9th February: Fifth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

2nd February: The Presentation of the Lord (PDF)

26th January: Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

19th January: Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

12th January: The Baptism of the Lord (PDF)

5th January: Epiphany (PDF)

22nd December & 29th December: Fourth Sunday of Advent & Feast of the Holy Family (PDF)

15th December: Third Sunday of Advent (PDF)

8th December: Second Sunday of Advent (PDF)

1st December: First Sunday of Advent (PDF)

24th November: Feast of Christ the King (PDF)

17th November: Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

10th November: Thirty-Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

3rd November: Thirty-First Sunday of the Year (PDF)

27th October: Thirtieth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

20th October: Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

13th October: Twenty-Eighth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

6th October: Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year (PDF)

29th September: Twenty-Sixth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

22nd September: Twenty-Fifth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

8th September: Twenty-Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

1st September: Twenty-Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

25th August: Twenty-First Sunday of the Year (PDF)

18th August: Twentieth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

11th August: Nineteenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

4th August: Eighteenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

28th July: Seventeenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

21th July: Sixteenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

14th July: Fifteenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

7th July: Fourteenth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

30th June: St Peter and St Paul (PDF)

23rd June: Corpus Christi (PDF)

16th June: Holy Trinity (PDF)

2nd & 9th June: Seventh Sunday of Easter & Pentecost (PDF)

26th May: Sixth Sunday of Easter (PDF)

19th May: Fifth Sunday of Easter (PDF)

12th May: Fourth Sunday of Easter (PDF)

5th May: Third Sunday of Easter (PDF)

21st & 28th April: Easter Sunday & Second Sunday of Easter (PDF)

14th April: Sixth Sunday of Lent (PDF)

7th April: Fifth Sunday of Lent (PDF)

31st March: Fourth Sunday of Lent (PDF)

24th March: Third Sunday of Lent (PDF)

17th March: Second Sunday of Lent (PDF)

10th March: First Sunday of Lent (PDF)

3rd March: Eighth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

24th February: Seventh Sunday of the Year (PDF)

17th February: Sixth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

10th February: Fifth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

3rd February: Fourth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

27th January: Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

20th January: Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

13th January: Baptism of the Lord (PDF)

6th January: Epiphany of the Lord (PDF)

16th December: Third Sunday of Advent (PDF)

9th December: Second Sunday of Advent (PDF)

2nd December: First Sunday of Advent (PDF)

25th November: Christ the King (PDF)

18th November: Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

11th November: Thirty-Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

4th November: Thirty-First Sunday of the Year (PDF)

28th October: Thirtieth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

21st October: Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

7th & 14th October: Twenty-Seventh & Twenty-Eighth Sundays of the Year (PDF)

30th September: Twenty-Sixth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

23rd September: Twenty-Fifth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

16th September: Twenty-Fourth Sunday of the Year (PDF)

9th September: Twenty-Third Sunday of the Year (PDF)

2nd September: Twenty-Second Sunday of the Year (PDF)

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